Tactical services

We support Big Data initiatives in your supply chain. Our tactical services allow you to analyze data, run what-if scenarios, and incorporate future scenario’s.

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It can help you to define and translate your vision to KPIs and measure their progress in time.

We can support you in capturing the essence of complex supply chains. To simplify the situation and make changes that impact the results. Typically, we already find quick wins early in the project.

Our supporting apps are designed to analyze and visualize large data sets of complex networks.

Data analysis & Visualization


According to research (Sashihara) the most successful companies have in depth data analysis capabilities and act upon their findings. Good data analysis starts with visualization.

Our apps are strong in visualization and in-memory processing of large amounts of data.

What-if scenarios


Today's business environments are increasingly dynamic. We offer easy possibilities to run scenarios on the fly. You define what the key parameters are and we will set up the what-if analysis & visualizations.

Optimal routing through the network


Networks often consist of many locations that must be connected via routes. Planning individual locations often exists, but looking at the total network is a different ball game.

We have powerful methods and algorithms to help you in this task.