Strategic services

Our strategic services include network design and multi-depot planning optimizations.

We develop user-friendly apps to define the optimal network design for your operation. The apps are equipped with features to include future scenarios, sensitivity analyses and to test the robustness of alternative network designs.

Developing allocation and planning optimizations for multi-depot networks can be very challenging, for each network is unique. There is no silver bullet algorithm. Our apps and supporting modeling possibilities allow for easy configuration to a specific environment. Our solutions are flexible and easy to implement in environments with differences between the various locations & regions.

By using in-memory computation power and the latest modeling and visualization techniques our apps are cutting yet remain affordable.

Network design

Networks have often historically grown (in certain ways). But how to find out where the optimal locations in your network are situated?

We developed a set of smart apps to quickly identify the number and locations in your network. In addition, these apps cover sensitivity and robustness analyses.

With businesses becoming increasingly dynamic, it is essential for companies to reconsider their network design.