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The European network of the reputable metals company consists of over 40 operating locations in different countries. Many carriers are involved to move goods both inbound and outbound. Checking the freight bills of all these carriers (including customs charges) is a labor-intensive process. One objective of the project is to simplify the Freight Audit processes between the shippers operating companies and the carriers. Another objective is to have full visibility of the freight flows and costs across all European locations as a base for supply chain optimization.


Container Centralen

Operational, tactical and strategic optimizations are essential for Container Centralen. They manage a European pool of some 5 million containers in a complex network with regional and seasonal influences. We support CC with the rollout of user friendly apps to support specific optimizations in their European network and to simplify processes. 




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World Food Program

The magnitude of WFP’s daily problems is quite different from most supply chains. Find out what they are coping with.


brabantse ontwikkelingsmaatschappij


BOM stimulates and supports cooperation between companies to turn innovations into products and services so as to contribute to a stronger economy in the region of Brabant. BlueRock Logistics supports BOM in the area of Customs Integrated Supply Chains by developing solutions for existing and new (foreign) companies in Brabant.