Operational services

Our operational services are designed for small and large Supply Chains, for low to extremely large volumes.


We offer various integration possibilities for your ERP system (i.e. SAP or Oracle) to exchange data on a variety of objects: load plans, orders, deliveries, shipment records, billing files, etc. Data quality can be improved by validation rules and workflows.

Freight Audit is the first step in logistics optimization. It offers immediate savings and provides visibility of costs and flows over multiple locations. This is the data layer on which we can optimize your supply chain.

From Freight Audit we can easily extend to a TMS (Transportation Management System) or Subcontractor Management by adding a few apps.

As part of the TMS we can further develop smart algorithms for allocation and shipment planning. We can tailor the algorithms to individual regions in your supply chain with little effort for each implementation.

Our operational services are robust, easy to use, flexible, affordable and quickly implemented. 

Freight Audit

Our Freight Audit functionality is covered by a set of standardized apps:

  • ERP integration, no matter how many versions or different systems you have in your company;
  • Validation of incoming data;
  • Rating engine: any transport mode, any inco term;
  • Receiving billing files from carriers, matching billed versus rated costs;
  • Workflow for disputes;
  • Invoice management;
  • Sending payment files to ERP;
  • User management, roles & autorizations.

These services can be implemented in a short period of time.

TMS (Transportation Management Software)

Our TMS functionality is an extension to our Freight Audit services. In addition to Freight Audit, our TMS covers:

  • Order management
  • Shipment planning
  • Carrier selection & assignment
  • Closed loop tender (for spot shipments)
  • Monitoring of shipments

We develop standardized apps, but from experience we learned that adjustments are often needed to meet any unique operational demands you may have.

Subcontractor Management

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) often involve subcontracted drivers. We support LSPs in controlling the costs, performance measurement and enhance paperless processes.

  • Trip rating & driver assignment
  • Generation of a digital CMR
  • Hand-over to drivers
  • Digital signed CMR
  • Invoice settlement
  • Business analytics to review performance (service, costs and footprint)

Allocation & Planning algorithms

Automated or semi-automated planning is very powerful, yet not easy to obtain. Because of our extensive experience in this field we know very well which algorithms and models to use in a particular situation. Is solution quality more important? Do you have multiple goals (cost reduction, service impeovement, CO2 reduction, etc)? Which constraints do you have? What is allowed, and what is not? Is solution time important? We know what is possible in a particular situation. With our tailored apps we will find your specific solution that suits your wishes completely.