We have a passion for simplifying supply chains. We create new possibilities for our customers and we guide and support the related change processes to obtain tangible results. 
We combine specialized knowledge and experience in logistics optimization with practical applications in operational freight management processes and software solutions. Our projects typically have a ten-fold ROI with a payback time of less than a year.

The company has been profitable from the start. We are innovative and work together with several knowledge centers. We are independent and fully customer-centered.


The Franz Edelman Award 2012
The Franz Edelman Award

Franz Edelmann award 2012.
The Edelman Award, awarded by INFORMS, is considered the most prestigious honor in the field of applied operations research, the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods, such as modeling, to help make better decisions. In 2012, partner Hein Fleuren, TNT Express, and Ortec received the award for the Global Optimization (GO) program of TNT Express.

Recent scientific publications

Meuffels W.J.M., van Dijk T., Fleuren H.A.
“Reduced Hub Handling in Multiple Hub Air Network Design for Express Providers by the Introduction of Pre-sorted Unit Loading Devices”
2014 submitted to OR-Spectrum


Ikkersheim D.E., Tanke M., Schooten G., de Bresser N., Fleuren, H.A.
“Modeling the optimal hospital infrastructure by optimizing quality, accessibility and efficiency via a Mixed Integer Programming model”
BMC Health Services Research, 
June 2013


Louwers, I., Fleuren, H.A., Huiskamp, D., Meuffels W.J.M.
"Scheduling Movements in the Network of an Express Service Provider"
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal
February 2013


Fleuren, H.A., Goossens, C., Hendriks, M., Lombard, M.C., Meuffels W.J.M., and Poppelaars, J.  
“Supply Chain-Wide Optimization at TNT Express”
Interfaces, January 2013


Essen J.T. van, Meuffels W.J.M., Aardal K.I., Fleuren H.A. (submission in 2011)
“Heuristics for the uncapacitated hub location and network design problem with a mixed vehicle fleet”
Submitted to Optimization Letters (special issue on Vehicle Routing and Scheduling)