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Integration with carriers

We supply easy to operate software to manage your daily transportation. Our BlueRock platform offers a smooth solution to integrate with all your carriers to support the following processes:

  • Booking of all your shipments in ONE portal, whether it’s a parcel,  groupage, LTL, FTL, or air & sea freight;
  • Automatically select the best carrier for every shipment;
  • Printing the selected carrier barcode label;
  • Printing documents (i.e. customs, dangerous goods, etc.);
  • Sending EDI assignment to carriers;
  • Receiving Track & Trace and POD.

Planning Optimizer

The BlueRock Planning Optimizer offers you a planboard for planning all your unplanned orders in multi-stop trips. All your specific orders and requirements will be planned in seconds based on algorithms. With our software you can also optimize the allocation of orders to the best location.

Trip assignment to carriers

Whether you want to assign loads automatically to carriers or want to activate a tender roll based on price and/or truck capacity or need to do a spot assignment, the BlueRock platform will support you with a simple to use screen & dialogues. Carriers can be offered their own access to a portal or use email to accept, deny, publish a price, and provide truck details.

Freight bills control

You can obtain 100% control on your freight bills with little effort and time. The Blue Rock Platform selects fully automatically an overview of only the exceptions; freight charges within accepted tolerances are automatically approved.

Dashboard & management reports

Management reports and dashboards are on real time available. The BlueRock Platform offers you a set of standard KPIs and -reports. Both can be viewed in the platform and sent via automated emails on pre-defined frequency and time.

Further optimization

Specific modeling services over a longer period of time can be delivered. Simulations, forecasts and specific optimizations can be worked out to and designed in your network and flows, based on the operational data in the BlueRock Platform.

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Optimized network planning & routing

The BlueRock platform makes it easy to optimize your planning of line-haul movements and the routing of shipments through the network. It is essential for efficiency and communication in the network. A central transport plan can be generated as input for barcode generation to support the routing of each individual shipment. BlueRock designs and continuously improves planning algorithms.

Forecasting helps you to adjust capacity for each season

Preparing for peak or low season is a labor-intensive process. BlueRock supports this process by optimizing plans and making it easy to generate new scenarios.

Daily linehaul planning & monitoring

Many people are involved in large network operations. The BlueRock platform lets them share the same information so that each person is working on up to date information when it comes to adding or removing loads, scanning trailers by mobile App for departure/arrival and (un)loading and managing delays.

Daily Pick-up and Delivery

The BlueRock platform leaves planners and drivers in control. We support them by smart algorithms, easy to use screens for planners and mobile Apps for drivers. The result is high adaptation in your organization, using local knowledge, while gaining increased efficiency.

Performance Management

The BlueRock platform provides KPIs and workflows for comments and actions to simplify and centralize the communication around it. We also provide smart Service Time visualizations and daily monitors for local users. Typically significant improvements in performance are achieved within only a few months after implementation.

Network infrastructure design

The BlueRock platform supports you in taking long-term decision of opening and closing depots and hubs, changing locations, increasing or decreasing locations. We model your operation in our platform so that you get insight in the effects of flows in your current set-up and can play with scenarios. In addition to scenarios, we can generate optimal greenfield plans.