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TMS with advanced planning algorithms

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A new TMS simplifies the life of transportation planners of Arconic Davenport (Iowa, US). In a matter of a few seconds it creates route proposals that would otherwise take hours to create. Correct trailer equipment is selected and also the loading is already adhering to local business rules. This allows planners to spend more time on managing business issues.

We started with a Proof of Concept demo application with advanced planning using an own developed planning algorithm that combines the optimization of routes and loading of products in trailers. In a workshop we defined the further functionalities needed. The next step was the mapping and development of interfaces with the ERP system.

During several sprints we improved versions of the algorithm and the further functionality until we completed the final version that was accepted by all users. The project was completed within the agreed (initial) budget and within an acceptable time frame.

Following the succes in Davenport, the advanced planning tool was implemented in a series of plants both in Europe and in the US.

Mark Stobbe


  • Algorithm design
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Go-live support