Our Team – The best and the brightest

May we introduce ourselves, we’re the BlueRock Logistics team, and we are addressing in-efficiencies in a highly fragmented transportation market with our world-wide leading TMS platform. Since the start in 2013 we have grown tremendously, opened offices around the globe and are included in the Gartner MQ for TMS.

We have an independent and creative spirit, geared to understanding the true needs of our customers. We deliver fast based on a rock-solid platform that also allows flexibility. And we grow together with our customers: step by step, side by side.

Our name was not chosen at random. The color Blue is associated with innovation, purity and finding new solutions.

The word Rock shows the sturdiness, dedication and perseverance we have to get to solutions and results, characteristics that show through in our approach and in the spirit of our company.

Our company rocks!

Alexey Kramarenko
Software Developer

Etienne Baghuis

Etienne Baghuis
Modeling Solution Expert

Hein Fleuren
Corporate Advisor

Andrew Tobilko
Software Developer

Julia Lauret

Julia Lauret
VP Product Development

Linda van den Akker
Office Manager

Luigi Biondani
VP Global Business Development

Luís Calejo
Modeling Specialist

Mark Stobbe

Stefan Polet 
Country Manager Italy


Robbert Leerkes
Infrastructure Specialist


Roelof Wuffen
Software Developer

Sander Siemons
Lead Modeling Specialist

Stefania Finiguerra
VP Customer and Employee Experience

Martin Faro
Modeling Specialist

Ezgi Özgül
Modeling Specialist

Wouter Lammerse

Mohamed Wassif
Customer Success Analyst

Aleksandr Kirilenko
Software Developer

Fang Zhang
Customer Success Consultant

Denise Bevilacqua
Customer Success Consultant

Mauro van Pinxteren
Modeling Specialist

Jeff Thorne
Canadian Director of Business Development

Ruud Simkens
Country Manager Benelux

Riccardo Galli
Customer Success Analyst

Janine Kayser
Customer Success Consultant

Geerlof Koolen
Modeling Specialist

Kees Mink
Customer Success Analyst

Tobias Tolkmitt
Customer Success Manager Germany

Nancy Duong
HR Intern

Andrei Mereuta
Software Developer – Intern

Abdel Yaseen
Software & Data Engineer

Melisa Mois
Software Developer

Davide Zangari
Customer Success Analyst

Stephanie Rowe
Customer Success Analyst


Hein Fleuren is professor in optimisation and simulation techniques in the field of business analytics at Tilburg University. He has worked on creative solutions for many real world problems in supply chain optimisation and in transportation. In 2012 he has won, together with TNT, the prestigious Franz Edelman Award in Los Angeles for outstanding examples in business analytics and management science.

Hein loves to find new ways of simulating and optimising complex logistic problems. He has worked for and/or still works for: TNT Express, The World Food Program, DB Schenker, DPD, Philips Electronics and Arconic. Furthermore, he is an excellent teacher who masters to make complex things clear. These are the qualities he uses at BlueRock Logistics.

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