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BlueRock Logistics on RTLZ

The BlueRock platform in use at Broekman Logistics

Get an intro on BlueRock Logistics and learn about the logistic challenges at Broekman Logistics and how the BlueRock platform plays a role in simplifying their supply chain.

Animation of the BlueRock platform

The BlueRock operational platform

To see how the BlueRock platform simplifies the process of shipment booking, carrier assignment and monitoring of large quantities of shipments for multinational shippers take a look at our short animation.

About BlueRock Logistics

We are convinced that significant improvements within your supply chains can be made. With a constructive and critical mindset we will focus on minimizing inefficiencies and fragmentation within your logistic domain.

We achieve this goal through a combination of expert knowledge and experience in logistics optimization, software development and scientific research. We start each project by truly understanding your objectives and ambition. It is our aim to surpass your expectations.

Our software is easy to use, pro-active (event driven) and supported by custom made algorithms which combine speed and quality. By engaging closely and offering fast assistance we ensure a high level of employee satisfaction.